Innovation + Research

Dr. Sherry Thomas is well-known for working with innovative technologies to improve women’s livelihoods and health. For over 20 years her endeavors to help better the lives of women led her to work with Endor Technologies, an international biotech company committed to scientific innovation through the medical research in dermatology.

Endor’s innovative research in women’s beauty and cosmetics combined with Dr. Thomas’ extensive knowledge as a leading expert in pelvic energy applied in medicine, and as a women’s health researcher & lecturer, specifically, in feminine rejuvenation technologies and in women’s pelvic disorders, are teaming up to create a cutting edge vaginal product for women called, V-Endor (Coming Soon).

V-Endor will help women with vaginal dryness and, laser or radiofrequency treatments.

Dr. Sherry Thomas is an innovative and niche practitioner for vaginal treatments. Call the office to see if laser or radiofrequency treatments are right for you. The first consult is FREE.


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