NeuViva -Edge One Fractional CO2 Laser

Dr. Sherry Thomas has been working with “pelvic energy applied in medicine” via laser and radiofrequency for the past 20 years–whether that is at her practice, on a study, or for a clinical trial. Since we concentrate on such specific areas of aesthetic procedures, we make it our mission to provide superior, state-of-the-art procedures in feminine rejuvenation. That’s why we trust NeuViva Fractional C02 laser for vaginal dryness-clear results that show benefits to women.

What sets NeuViva laser apart from its competitors is its sophisticated power of precision. Unlike other fractional lasers, the NeuViva laser can target specific small areas of skin, using a concentrated beam of light. This careful concentration delivers precise heat to the desired area without harming the surrounding skin.

While conventional fractional laser treatments usually cause redness that lasts for three days and scabs that persist for a week, NeuViva causes no scabbing with only minimal redness.

NeuViva laser stimulates collagen production in the vagina. Collagen is a protein compound that naturally occurs within the skin and makes it elastic and smooth. As you age, collagen production naturally declines. Collagen production is essential for decreasing vaginal dryness in the vagina.