Dr. Sherry Thomas has had years of experience helping women with sensitive female health issues. Knowing that she’s helping patients to get proper relief from their symptoms brings her great joy, and if you are ready to take back control of your feminine health, Dr. Thomas provides a safe and comfortable environment to discuss your condition. 

If you have had a positive experience with Dr. Thomas, feel free to leave a comment along with the other ones below this text. If you’re looking to be treated, feel free to contact Dr. Thomas’s practice in Agoura Hills to set up a consultation.



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Dr. Sherry Thomas
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 by Leslie Lovett-Deaton

Dr. Thomas is caring answering all questions and explaining new medications or procedures thoroughly. I live out of state and will continue to commute for my appointments. Outstanding doctor.

 by Beverly Barrett

Fast forward 20 years later: I am still her patient, and I am still driving to see her. What Dr. Thomas did for me while I was recuperating from surgery is why I drive 2 hours from where I live, each way, to see her.

Dr. Thomas performed a very complicated surgery on me. She performed a cystocele and rectocele repair, for which I am indebted to her for. However, it was during a visit from her postop that I will never forget, and to this day I still think about. The next day post op, she visited me to see how I was doing (the same day of the surgery she came to visit me too, and cracked a joke that even now I am laughing about—I love her). Immediately, she noticed that the catheter to allow me to urinate was hooked up incorrectly. I was in great discomfort due to that. Before I could talk to her about it, she ran out of the room. I thought to myself and I wondered where she was going. It wasn’t long before the senior nurse of the obstetrics department, who was in a different department and on another floor from the one I was staying, came in to instruct the LVN in my hospital room how to hook up a catheter correctly. Now, how many doctors can do that? Dr. Thomas could have told a supervisor to do what she did but instead, she made certain that the senior nurse of another department taught the LVN in my room how to properly hook up a catheter. How many doctors really take the time, to make sure their patients are being taken care for properly? Not many. Anyone taking care of her patients had to know how to take of her patients, and there is a no none sense about her that you just do what she says.

It was not just because of her expertise as a surgeon, her knowledge, her professionalism, and her no none sense attitude that I continue to drive to see her for checkups, it is because Dr. Thomas is more than a physician—she is a personal ally. She takes a personal interest in you, even with her busy schedule. Beyond being an expert surgeon, she is your personal ally. I cannot recommend her more, and I pray she does not retire!!

Thank you Dr. Thomas, Thank you.

 by Barbara Stern

I am a new patient at Dr. Sherry Thomas' office- referred by another physician in the area- and was pleased with my total experience at this office. I am happy here because I was greeted and treated well by the staff. Their voices were soft and calm, and they were sweet and respectful to me. Then I met Dr. Thomas-- who is sensational. It is comfortable to talk with her. She is professional, and brilliant. I feel blessed that I discovered another amazing doctor in my area that I can rely on for my health care. My overall experience was a 5 plus at this office. Highly recommend !

 by Stephanie Greco

My experience with Dr. Thomas was pleasant from beginning to end. She understood my fears and was very knowledgeable about my issue with a mesh sling, and she provided a solution that worked very well. Her demeanor is confident and kind, and I was very happy to be in her care. The surgery was outpatient at a very nice hospital. All was done with kindness and confidence. She is an advocate for patient health and well-being. She is a wonderful doctor.

 by Angeline Campbell

Dr. Sherry Thomas,

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You Saved my life. I've been meaning to write to you for some time to tell you how much I appreciate your excellent medical knowledge and skills.

Last spring I came to your office seeking information about feminine rejuvenation. During my examination, you observed an irritation near the perineum and suggested I have it looked at by my Keiser doctor. I did and had it biopsied. It was skin cancer and required further surgery to have it fully removed with margins. To do surgery in addition to a physical exam, I needed blood work completed. The surgery was set, the blood work completed and all was a go. However, the blood work showed I have very low platelets, below 50. With that, the surgery was postponed, and I was referred to a hematologist/oncologist. After several test, bone marrow test and scans, I was diagnosed with follicular lymphoma. After 6 months of chemo, I am happy to report I am cancer free and in remission.

I am now scheduled to have initial skin cancer removed. It is my intention to reconnect with you once I've healed for the feminine rejuvenation and possibly to be a part of your study. I know that had you to made your initial observation, I would not be here today. So thank you again. When anyone asks me if I know an excellent gynecologist, I always talk of you.

Wishing you all the best !

Most Sincerely,

Angeline Campbell

 by Helene Schacter

Dr. Thomas and her staff are kind, professional, and on time. I highly recommend this office. A+

 by Patricia Wiese

Dr. Thomas is a God send. The first time I did surgery with her I didn't have pain for the first time in 6 months when I woke up from the surgery. I have had much better results with her than just a urologist.

 by Marilyn w.

Dr Thomas is the only doctor who solved my repeated urinary infections. I also had a successful bladder lift surgery. I have recommended her to several friends.
She also has a fun sense of humor!!

 by Linda G.

Absolutely incredible how knowledgable Dr Sherry is. I was going through hell for years before I was recommended to see her, no other physician was able to tell me what the exact problem was. After suffering from tremendous amount of pain, doubt and all kinds of other issues, I'm now able to say that I'm in the process of healing. I'd highly recommend her, she'll make you feel super comfortable and as far as I'm concerned, you can be sure that you're in the best hands. 5+ stars!

 by Angie D.

Amazing doctor-incredibly thorough, a wonderful listener, is on top of the latest research, and has a heart of gold.

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