NeuViva –Intragen Radiofrequency (RF)

NeuViva’s Intragen radiofrequency procedures use heat to tighten the skin in the vagina and vulva. NeuViva uses a heat probe inserted beneath the skin to heat subdermal tissues to certain temperatures, which hydrates and tightens the skin, creating a more youthful vaginal appearance and function.

Only a small amount of local anesthetic is required before undergoing NeuViva vaginal tightening treatments. Each step of the vaginal skin tightening process is monitored closely using thermo-imaging to ensure that the heat being used is not damaging or overheating the skin. Radiofrequency procedures take somewhere around an hour to complete. Some very light aftercare may be required depending on the extent of the area being treated. Most women, however, are able to resume their normal daily activities the very same day.

NeuViva radiofrequency vaginal skin tightening will have to be repeated a few times before reaching final results. With no interruption to daily schedules, many women find this option more convenient and safe, then undergoing surgery and trauma from the result of surgery.

With NeuViva radiofrequency vaginal skin tightening treatments, women now feel more at ease about getting the body they deserve.

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