If you’re considering gynecological surgery, Dr. Sherry Thomas’ office offers an advanced, state-of-the-art alternative to traditional surgery using the da Vinci Robotic System.

The da Vinci surgical Robotic system is a robotic surgical system made by US company Intuitive Surgical. This Surgical System was approved by Food and Drug Administration (FDA) back in year2000. It is specifically designed to perform complex surgical operations with great ease and comfort.

This surgical system is mostly used for repairing cardiac valve, for prostatectomies and increasingly for gynecological procedures. It involves minimal invasive approach and is controlled by a surgeon from console.

The da Vinci Robotic System is not a ‘robot’ in the sense one normally imagines, but this system consists of latest advancements in robotics, computer enhanced programs and software and the skills of surgeons. Surgeons have full control on this ultra-modern robotic device, and it can perform complex and diverse surgical procedures through small incisions and with great precision.

Features of da Vinci Surgical System

  • 3D imaging in console views enables surgeons to see all anatomical structures in HD and natural colors
  • This system can magnify the image up to 10 times
  • Integrated touchpad of this surgical system provides comprehensive control of audio, video and system settings
  • Multiple ergonomic adjustments and surgeon console features offer surgeons customized controls for longer surgical procedures
  • TilePro multi input display offers surgeons and team to view an HD 3D image of the operative area
  • Wide touchscreen of this system provides tele strain capability.
  • Dual console feature empowers two surgeons to collaborate during surgical procedures
  • Integrated intercom facilitate communications between two surgeons while both are sitting on consoles

da Vinci Gynecology Procedures

Women that undergo gynecology surgery often get scared and face significant anxiety and uncertainty.  When gynecology surgery is recommended to women, investigating about available treatment options and talking with the relevant physicians can ease women in making the right choice.

Using most advanced, latest and minimally invasive technology available, Da Vinci Robotic System can be the safest and most effective surgical procedure for a wide range of gynecological operations, including treatment for hysterectomy, fibroid surgery and ovarian surgery.

Robotic Surgery is performed at the hands of Sherry Thomas, ensuring complete care, precision and accuracy.  With the da Vinci Robotic System, you’re getting the benefits of a non-invasive treatment with the skill and performance of a traditional surgery.

Patients undergoing robotic-assisted surgery receive all the potential benefits of a minimally invasive procedure, including less pain, less blood loss and less need for blood transfusions. Moreover, the da Vinci® System can mean a shorter hospital stay, a quicker recovery and faster return to normal daily activities.

Contact Dr. Sherry Thomas’ office today to find out if Robotic Surgery is right for you. Our highly trained and skill staff can answer any questions you may have, so call us today to set up your consultation.