Many people try to reduce body fat and achieve a trimmer physique through diet and exercise. However, these methods alone often prove ineffective for the removal of cellulite. At Dr. Tite, our Thermi250 weight loss technology is a safe, non-surgical solution to cellulite reduction.

What Is the Thermi250?

The Thermi250 is one of the most innovative skin tightening treatments available. The procedure works by inserting a gentle heat probe beneath the patient’s epidermis. The Thermi 250 is an approved, safe method for reducing cellulite in the abdomen, buttocks, and thighs. Unlike a chemical treatment, the Thermi250 causes fatty tissue to melt away, decreasing the volume of fat in treated areas.

How the Thermi250 Works

The Thermi250 process begins during the consultation, where the patient is closely examined and the affected regions of the body can be carefully analyzed. If there is considerable cellulite buildup and excessive fatty tissue, more than one treatment may be scheduled. To begin the treatment process, the patient will be injected in several areas with an anesthetic designed specifically for the skin and tissue. This anesthetic will minimize any feelings of discomfort or pain. The Thermi probe is then inserted directly beneath the patient’s skin surface. In some cases, the procedure might include heating up several layers of the inner skin as well as the uppermost layer of fat. The result is tighter, more elastic skin.

What to Expect During Treatment

The Thermi250 treatment will typically last for about an hour. Once the heat is applied to the specified regions, a warm wrap is administered to keep the appropriate areas numb for a short period. The patient usually experiences no pain, and the numbness should subside on the same day. Following the procedure, no significant downtime is necessary and normal activities are usually resumed immediately. There are also no side effects of the treatment, and the patient can schedule another session of Thermi250 shortly after the first procedure.

Who Are Candidates For Thermi250?

People who have prominent love handle areas, sagging stomachs, significant wrinkles or folds and cellulite buildup on the thighs and abdomen are typically ideal candidates for the Thermi250 heat treatment.

If you’re interested in reducing cellulite in a safe, non-surgical way, contact Dr. Tite today to set up a consultation and find out if Thermi250 treatment is right for you. We’ll work with you to determine the most effective plan for your individual needs.