Adenomyosis is a women’s health condition in which the tissue that makes up the uterine lining (endometrial tissue) grows into the muscular walls of the uterus. This results in painful, heavy periods as well as enlargement of the uterus. Most women who have adenomyosis develop the condition after having children, and it typically resolves with menopause.

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While some women with adenomyosis experience no symptoms, the condition is usually characterized by painful periods that are heavy and last longer than usual. Other common symptoms include sharp, stabbing cramps that last through the entirety of your period and worsen over time, painful sexual intercourse, and the passing of blood clots during menstruation. Because of the enlargement of the uterus, your abdomen may feel bloated or tender.


While the exact cause of this condition is not known, experts have several theories about what causes endometrial tissue to penetrate the uterine muscles. Adenomyosis may be linked to incisions made in the uterus during a C-section, endometrial tissue deposited in the uterus during fertilization and pregnancy, inflammation of the uterine lining caused by childbirth, or invasion of the uterus by bone marrow stem cells. For these reasons, adenomyosis is more common among those who have had uterine surgery, have given birth, or are between the ages of 40-60.


Left untreated, this condition can lead to anemia caused by prolonged bleeding, which in turn leads to fatigue, malnutrition, and other health problems. The recurring pain and heavy bleeding of this condition can also lead to a limited lifestyle as well as depression, irritability, anxiety, anger, and feelings of helplessness.

Fortunately, treatment options for this condition are available. Some women find relief with ibuprofen and other anti-inflammatory drugs. These can be taken starting a few days before menstruation begins through the end of your period in order to reduce bleeding, cramps, and discomfort. Birth control pills are also effective in limiting the menstrual cycle and providing relief, particularly continuous use contraception that eliminates the monthly period altogether.

For women who suffer severe adenomyosis, have finished having children, and are not approaching the natural end of this condition caused by menopause, a hysterectomy may be required if other treatment options are not effective.

If you experience painful monthly periods, help is available. A gynecologist can help determine the cause of the symptoms you are experiencing and develop a treatment plan that will improve your quality of life.

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