Since ThermiVa® is a non-surgical treatment, it serves as a great alternative to surgery, and when it’s applied correctly, the procedure can rejuvenate your vulva and vagina.

The treatment is carried out using advanced technology and it has a great safety record. Unlike some alternative treatments, ThermiVa® uses radiofrequency energy and it’s one of the safest treatments for restoring your labia minora and majora. The procedure is even useful for tightening the tissues within your vaginal canal.

Why Consider ThermiVa®?

Patients choose to undergo this treatment for different reasons. A lot of women give birth, and after enduring a strenuous childbirth they end up with a stretched vaginal canal.

The process of giving birth can also cause the inner and outer lips of the vagina to sag and stretch. Although ThermiVa® is common among women who’ve had a child, it’s also popular for older women.

The effects of aging can leave women with several undesirable changes. Some of the common effects of aging are saggy labia, excessive dryness and can also cause vaginal tissue to loosen.

How You Can Benefit from ThermiVa®?

If you’re considering this procedure, you should know about the benefits offered by ThermiVa®. The greatest benefit is vaginal rejuvenation, which will restore a youthful appearance to your vagina.

The procedure is also effective for tightening your labia tissues and reducing sagging, allowing you to wear tighter clothing.

ThermiVa® can also improve your sexual function and increase your ability to feel enjoyable sensations. Since the procedure tightens your vaginal canal, it will result in better sexual experiences, and it can also increase nerve sensitivity.

ThermiVa® can also increase the strength of your pelvic floor contractions and improve moisture content. Once the procedure is finished, you’ll enjoy a greater sense of confidence and dramatic increase in sexual satisfaction.

How ThermiVa® Works

During the procedure, a special device is used, and the unique shape makes it perfect for its intended purpose. As we move the probe over the target areas, controlled radiofrequency energy is delivered into your tissues.

The procedure is effective because it uses radiofrequency energy to create thermal reactions within the target areas. Once the thermal reactions occur, collagen production is increased, and the appearance of the treatment area will begin to improve.

A fresh, sterile probe is used for each treatment, and it eliminates your risk for infection or disease transmission. The technology behind ThermiVa® is based on radiofrequency therapy.

For many years, RF energy has played a major role in many cosmetic procedures, and it can be used to treat a variety of conditions. When used during a ThermiVa® treatment, RF energy enhances the cellular structure of your skin and renews tissues, which results in youthful, stronger skin.

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