Youth is something that exists in more than your heart. Your apparent age tends to be determined by how you carry yourself, how toned your body is, and how youthful the skin of your face looks. The youthfulness of your skin is often the most difficult factor to influence because of the way age wears upon the skin. This makes more drastic treatments, which includes surgery, something that most people believe that they need to look younger.

The truth is that innovations in non-surgical face tightening treatments have revolutionized the way dermatological care providers approach aged skin. While not always capable of solving every case of aged skin, incorporating non-surgical methods with surgery can take years off your skin’s apparent age.

Understanding Why Skin Loosens as It Ages

There is a myriad of reasons why skin loosens as it ages, but those reasons tend to come down to one root cause: the collagen layer underlying the skin becomes damaged and malformed. Wrinkles develop, which in turn, makes your skin look older.

The reason this is such a problem is because repairing this layer of the skin requires accessing it. Surgery means that the upper layers must be cut, which leads to controlled injuries, inflammation and scarring.

Non-surgical treatments avoid this by accessing the collagen layer of the skin indirectly. They utilize ultrasonic waves, thermal radiation, and other means to induce controlled damage that affects only the collagen.

Loose and malformed collagen structures are broken down by this heat while blood flow increases to the affected areas. Over the duration of several treatments, this results in a natural tightening of the skin with some minor effects to the texture and clarity of the overlying skin.

How Can Skin Tightening Treatments Make You Look Younger?

The most evident result of aging is loose skin. By combining skin tightening treatments with every treatment option available to you, it’s possible to dramatically improve the quality of your skin. Consider a severely sun-damaged and aged face; it may have deep wrinkles and lines, loose skin that hangs off the chin, and fat deposits that further exaggerate a patient’s agedness. Skin-tightening treatments can break down the underlying fat at a slow pace while causing the overlying collagen layers to tighten. This results in a gradual improvement that looks like a reasonable “Fountain of Youth.”

This can be combined with dermal fillers and surgery to heighten the results that the patient sees, which in turn can rapidly reduce a patient’s apparent age.

Should You Seek Skin Tightening Treatments?

The choice to seek skin tightening treatments is one that requires careful consideration on your part and the guidance of a professional like Dr. Sherry Thomas AKA Dr. Tite. Your current condition requires assessment, and you require guidance to ensure that you have reasonable expectations of what skin tightening treatments can provide.

If you desire the chance to look more youthful, then skin tightening treatments may be for you. Contact Dr. Tite’s office in Agoura Hills to schedule a consultation appointment to begin your path to looking and feeling younger.