If you are suffering from uterine prolapse, it can be frightening. It’s a condition that affects many women as they approach middle age or beyond. The ligaments and muscles in your pelvis can weaken with aging or after the strain involved from having several children. These muscles and ligaments are responsible for holding your uterus securely in place. If they become too weak, your uterus can actually drop. It may come into the birth canal or drop further into your vagina. Whether the case is mild or not, uterine prolapse can cause great discomfort. It’s important that you seek treatment to prevent serious complications. A vaginal pessary could be the answer for you.

What is a Vaginal Pessary?

A vaginal pessary is a type of medical device that will be inserted into your vagina to provide your uterus with the support that it lacks. There are different types of pessaries, and they should be customized to fit your needs. Dr. Sherry Thomas will help you to determine which type of vaginal pessary is best for you. A vaginal pessary is removable. You will have it inserted at her office in Agoura Hills. You will also be given instructions about caring for your vaginal pessary. This will involve removing it on a regular basis to clean the device and yourself before reinserting the device. If you have any trouble with removing and inserting your vaginal pessary, you can go to Dr. Sherry Thomas for assistance.

Why Choose a Vaginal Pessary?

A vaginal pessary offers you a solution if you do not want to undergo surgery or a surgical procedure would be too risky for you. If you are younger and plan on having more children, a vaginal pessary may be the most practical solution. Some women experience prolapse while they are carrying a child. A vaginal pessary may be advised to offer necessary support until the baby is born.

What are Symptoms of Uterine Prolapse?

If you are a victim of uterine prolapse, your body is going to tell you that there is a problem. Symptoms may include feeling like there is pressure in your pelvis or against your vagina and rectum all of the time. You may struggle with constipation on a regular basis or experience discomfort during intercourse. Increased bleeding and discharge are typical symptoms. Bladder infections that keep recurring are another possible sign.

If you are experiencing symptoms, see Dr. Sherry Thomas to get a proper diagnosis and find out if a vaginal pessary can help you deal with this frustrating condition. Early treatment can help you to avoid bigger problems down the line; schedule your consultation at her office in Agoura Hills today!